See up to 90% Improvements in Math Scores with No Commutes, No Frustrated Kids, and No Guesswork!

Thinkster Math has rapidly become the world leader in personalized, tablet & computer-based math tutoring using digital analytics, patented Active Replay Technology (ART), and Artificial Intelligence Technology. 

We are firm believers that thinking is the foundation of learning. It’s about sparking “thinking” — because it makes us understand the “why” behind everything.

With Amazing Features that Maximize Results!


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The World's #1 AI-Driven Math Learning Program

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“Thinkster brings 21st-century technology efficiencies to 19th-century teaching methods.”

We Create Performance-Based Custom Training

Using our AI technology, we create tailored learning plans based on the struggles of each student.

Self Learning Without Intelligent Support is a Thing of the Past

There are many issues with providing the same training to different students.

Simple, Straightforward Pricing

Choose annual, quarterly, or monthly billing.

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Only 3 Quick Steps to Set Your Child On Their Path To Becoming Math Confident for Life!

8 Awesome Things Your Child Gets with Thinkster


Daily grading to help your child focus on specific goals each day


World-class math curriculum, with real-life word problems, to make your child an instinctive problem solver


AI-driven personalized learning plan exclusively tailored for your child to make them math confident


Unlimited access to math problems & worksheets


Video tutorial with every worksheet to remove frustrations while learning


Leaderboard, medals, and up to $5 in gift cards every month, to keep your child motivated & engaged


Get complete transparency with our Parent Insights App to track your child's learning improvements


Ongoing assessments to accelerate learning

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Plans Starting at $18/month!


With Customized Word Problem Worksheets, Daily Grading on Student Work, and Data-Driven Insights.

With Customized Word Problem Worksheets, Daily Grading on Student Work, and Data-Driven Insights.

See up to 90% Improvements in Math Scores with No Commutes, No Frustrated Kids, and No Guesswork!

I can say that Adam continuing to work with Thinkster and work on his math skills has improved his confidence and his willingness to even work at math, an area where he had struggled before joining Thinkster.

Jenny McBrayer

All of my kids are progressing really well. I like the curriculum, I find that there is plenty of practice and analytical thinking with word problems, not just rote memorization.

Natalia Woehl

Thinkster has made our kids perform competitively with their peers. It has also given them a lot of confidence in their abilities as math students.

Lisa Germann

I highly recommend Thinkster just because of the different programs that it has to offer in terms of math. I like the variety. I love the working relationship that I have with the tutor and I am just highly satisfied with the supplemental education that it it offers for kids who have that desire to learn more in math than their actual teacher might not be giving them.

Charissa Cromwell

Learning isn't just about learning how to solve the problems. It's actually understanding the questions and understanding the whole concept of it. And I think that's what really taught [our son] how to be a better mathematician.

Julian Dulay

I think the biggest thing for us is that we just don't have to deal with the tears and the frustration anymore. He's just more confident, he's willing and he likes to learn... and I think Thinkster gave that to him.

Fiona Thomas

It's just so easy to use and it helps to build [student] confidence, and it helps to build their independence… and that's critical.

Desi Nesmith

The basic math of [Algebra 1] is not so hard. But when you convert that to real-life… there’s a lot of word problem type questions, that is always more challenging. I think this has done a really good job. It gives a lot of the core concepts and then it takes it a step further.

Jennifer Dzierzak

Artificial Intelligence Learning

Our Artificial Intelligence technology analyzes the accuracy and speed of the students and their capability for each subject and topic. It evaluates your child’s performance for each question separately to hyper-personalize their perfect learning plan.


Our Technology Analyzes Student’s Way of Answering

With our state-of-the-art digital learning platform, both your student and the tutor have the tools needed to deliver optimal results. Our technology tracks how a student arrives at an answer, giving insights to our tutors on the “why” behind the mistakes your child may be making a mistake - allowing them to provide the right interventions - fast - to make learning efficient, less frustrating, all while accelerating learning outcomes.


Benefit from Results that have Worked for Thousands of Students in 30+ Countries

We provide you with unprecedented performance insights, which reveal hidden metrics, delivers results, makes your child confident, and accelerates learning.


Designed to Accelerate Learning

We track your child's math skills on every math topic & concept with real-time insights into their strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to make sure that your child will not waste time doing things repetitively and instead will make quick progress to achieve results.


We Drive Performance Improvement With Our World Class Curriculum

Using word problems and those that develop critical thinking and reasoning skills, our customized, research-backed curriculum will help your child master math concepts and gain confidence in their math skills. Our programs enable students to study smarter, not harder. Our curriculum doesn’t just help your child get up-to-speed, but will help them excel and exceed expectations.


Strengths & Weaknesses

Identifying what your child is good at and what needs improvement can be tricky.

Performance Measurement

Measuring the improvement in your child’s performance over time can become difficult.

Personalized Learning

Other types of math programs lack the customization required for your child’s learning needs and difficulties.

The World's #1 AI-Driven 

Math Learning Program

Our Groundbreaking System 

Will Help Your Child: